Download MSDS Powdered Humate 2020

Potassium humate is the potassium salt of humic acid extracted from brown coal (lignite) Leonardite, to be used as a soil conditioner.
Humic substances are the key ingredient to fertile soils and healthy plants, maximising the efficient use of residual plant nutrients, reducing fertiliser costs, and releasing nutrients bound in minerals and salts. Furthermore, their addition will improve crop yields and quality whilst also undoing the damage caused by acidic fertilisers and pesticides, in order to develop a more biological and sustainable production system.

Perfect for

enhancing crop nutrient uptake whilst improving soil physical, chemical and biological conditions.

What is it, What does it do, How does it work

  • 10% humic acid, 5% fulvic acid liquid concentrate
  • provide improvements to soil structure, porosity, water holding capacity, available carbon, improved CEC and mineral element chelation.
  • Works as a natural chelating agent that increases nutrient uptake and availability, the presence of beneficial microbes and improves crop yields.
  • Liquid N compatible
  • Feeds and stimulates beneficial microbes
  • Builds soil structure and lifts CEC
  • Naturally chelates nutrients and enhances foliar sprays
  • Promotes root growth
  • Lifts leaf function and plant vitality
  • Completely soluble
  • Excellent fungal food source
  • Treats “spring fever”
  • Increase cell permeability
  • Helps buffer soils
  • Improves moisture and nutrient retention
  • Assists in soil wetting
  • Promotes seed germination
  • Improved root penetration





Foliar: 0.3-1kg/Ha. Adjust rate to suit growth stage.

Fertigation: 1-10kg/Ha. Use higher rate in sandy soils.

Compatibility: Avoid concentrated mixes with acidic substances. Jar test if unsure. Always mix diluted with diluted if blending with other materials. Never mix in concentrate form.

Staining: avoid foliar application close to harvest for fruit crops if staining is an issue.

Typical Analysis (dry basis)

Humic Acid 30.1%
Fulvic Acid 14.7%
Phosphorus <1%
Potassium 6 - 8%
Manganese 0.01%
Calcium 1.3%
Sulphur 0.44%
Boron 0.1%
Iron 1.36%
Zinc 0.1%
pH 9
Solubility 100%
Appearance Black granules/flake