MSDS Hydrofish 2020

Stimulates Growth

Hydrofish is 100% pure fish. It is made by an enzyme digestion process that produces a pure hydrolysate. No water is added. It is made from a by-product from Australian processed wild-caught Tuna, from a sustainable harvested catch.

Fish hydrolysate is better and more effective than a fish emulsion. This is because emulsions have been cooked to remove valuable oils and this denatures the protein, and they lose their effectiveness. Hydrofish is packed full of natural proteins, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. They are natural chelating agents that make nutrients immediately available to plants and also stimulate soil microbes.

Perfect for

Hydrofish can be used as an excellent stand alone foliar spray or as an additive to other nutrients to improve efficiency. It is also suitable for fertigation and soil drench applications. It can also be used as a microbial food source in addition to biological inoculants and compost extracts.