Let us help you to become a confident gardener by providing no-nonsense fertilisers along with practical details to keep the fundamentals of gardening alive. Super healthy plants will result when you keep gardening Simple, by providing premium fertilisers along with basic facts.

Step by step guide

Preparing a garden bed.

  1. Apply Rock Dust Plus and some quality compost when turning the soil for a new and or existing garden bed.
  2. Apply Seaweed Tonic to water in the rock dust plus.
  3. You are now ready to plant.

Planting from seed.

  1. In the line that you are going to sow seeds, dribble handfuls of Rock Dust Plus and mix into the soil. Make a furrow, sow seeds and cover with soil.
  2. Water seeds in well with Seaweed Tonic.
  3. Apply Hydrofish 1 week after seeds have emerged.
  4. Alternate applications of Seaweed Tonic and Hydrofish as soil drench & or a foliar spray each week.
  5. Apply more Rock Dust Plus at mid growth for leafy greens & and at first flower for fruiting plants (peas, beans, tomatoes etc). Continue to alternate seaweed & hydrofish applications each week.
  6. Apply more Rock Dust Plus towards the end of the growing season; continue to alternate seaweed & hydrofish applications each week.

Planting from seedling.

  1. Mix Rock Dust Plus into the soil prior to planting seedlings.
  2. Water seeds in well with Seaweed Tonic.
  3. Apply Hydrofish 1 week after seeds have emerged.
  4. Follow Steps 4-6 as above.

Making compost.

  1. Incorporate about 2kg of Rock Dust Plus for every cubic meter of material when constructing compost piles.
  2. For more details on compost production visit


Rock Dust Plus – Feeds the Soil

This is a unique mineral fertiliser made from volcanic rock dust and 16 other minerals and nutrients. It results in nutrient and mineral dense food for improved human health.

Rock Dust Plus has a cumulative effect on your soil. Each time you use it, it adds to the mineral and nutrient bank while also helping to build soil structure, which results in amazing water holding ability.

Seaweed Tonic – Gets The Plant Ready

This is a liquid concentrate that promotes root development and stimulates immunity in plants, protecting them against pests and disease.

Hydrofish – Helps The Plant Grow

This is a 100% pure liquid fish concentrate made from fish by-products. It is a hydrolysate not an emulsion. A hydrolysate is produced from a natural enzyme digestion process, which breaks down the fish, unlike fish emulsions that are cooked to remove valuable oils – Hydrofish still contains these oils. It contains undamaged protein and is rich in nitrogen – which drives plant growth.

Soil Drench:

simply means watering in with a watering can – following diluted application rates.

Foliar Spray:

simply means wetting the foliage of plants using a watering can, spray bottle or pressure sprayer – following diluted application rates.

Sites of Interest

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