No Frills Fertilisers was established so that premium certified organic mineral fertilisers could be offered at affordable prices for home and commercial gardeners. Having run a sustainable soil consultancy firm in the southwest for twenty years, Anthony has used his decades of experience combined with ongoing scientific research to produce fertilisers that work effectively to stimulate soil biology resulting in healthy crops with lower costs of organic contributions.

Our continual aim is to develop quality, organic fertilisers that support organic and sustainable soil management to improve the nutrient density in the food that we eat.

Developed by Anthony Quinlan an organic agronomist, all our products are organic approved inputs and are certified by Australia’s premier organic certifier NASAA.

The depletion of organic matter and trace elements from the soil is largely due to incorrect fertilisation methods and the overuse of chemicals. This system has stripped the soil of nutrients and minerals that are critical for plants to be able to produce food that is truly nutritious and of value to those who consume it. Much of the conventional food grown today is lacking in mineral density.

Anthony and Tini Quinlan started No Frills Fertilisers to contribute to a heathier world through better food from organic farming.

Our products are available at multiple stockists throughout Western Australia.


The No Frills Fertilisers range is aimed at all growers who like facts and research, and who are conscious about what they spray and spread on the soil, that grows their food. Making the transition to sustainable agriculture is a process.  It is important to realise that each small step towards organic fertiliser conversion can make a big difference and can contribute to advancing the entire system. Our products are the cornerstone to a thriving and biologically active soil.

No Frills Fertilisers sources premium ingredients for its products from both local and international markets. The name was chosen because healthy plants and crops can come from basic ingredients, that all plants love. You don’t need to buy fertilisers for each plant or crop, you can use the same ones and achieve better results. By enhancing your soil biology, its the simplest way to grow healthy organic food, plants and crops.

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