Organic Fertilisers

The No Frills Fertilisers range is aimed at all growers who like facts and research, and who are conscious about what they spray and spread on the soil, that grows their food.

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You'll find a large range of our organic fertilisers at convenient locations near you. Our most popular product Rock Dust Plus is available from retailers including Dawsons, Waldecks, Perth Irrigation, Zanthorrea and more.

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Why choose us

No Frills Fertilisers began based on a passion for health. Anthony's background in soil consultancy lead him to realise there was a lack of understanding with fertilisers and that meant people were spending far more than necessary to achieve quality results. The long term approach to healthy plants and crops was the reason why No Frills Fertilisers was formed.

What will you get

You will get dirty with quality fertilisers your plants and crops love, thanks to the organic ingredients. There are no synthetic forms of nitrogen such as: urea, ammonium sulphate. These ingredients can deplete carbon in the soil, which are a critical food source for microbes.

What that means to you is, you are building your soil biology on an ongoing basis allowing your ecosystem to thrive, and that means healthier plants and crops.

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